Google Pixel & Pixel XL Review: Finally Android Get Their Pixel: Google new Pixel are raising the hope of Android fans that Android regime has iPhone-like capabilities. As many Android manufacturers are keep focusing on budgets smartphone from years while recent flagship from Android is not been so close to iPhone either they won’t’ compete in design or performance or even else. As Samsung tries to battle with iPhone since a year but Google’s new Pixel look a better competitor of Apple since when it launch and people start comparing Pixel with iPhone. As Pixel is a good successor of Nexus, Nexus lineup is not very fruitful to Google as it won’t able to perform good in the market as Google has to keep the design as Manufacturers like LG, Samsung, HTC and various other which won’t help Google to achieve much.

But the concept of Pixel to make a product from inside and out really help Google to impact in the market. As Samsung’s recent failure of Note 7 cause two flagships to take its place and its nonother than iPhone 7 and Google Pixel. As Note 7 is the perfect smartphone of 2016 but due to its issue people changes their opinion either on Pixel or iPhone, as. some Samsung lover shifts focus to Apple while other Android lover remains with Pixel. Google Pixel made Android Smartphone Phone more popular, either by its design, new interface or Google Assistant all these things are a perfect mixture of a good smartphone.

Goole Pixel’s come in two model as Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL and as the name suggest the XL is bigger on with 5.5-inch Q-HD Display, while smaller one has 5-inch F-HD Display while other things except battery remain same. From inside it powered with Snapdragon Processor with 4GB of RAM which made this device a real beast for Apps and Games. While some other offering like Unlimited Google Photo Storage, DayDreamVR, and various other things made Pixel a full proof smartphone.

But a question still remains why Pixel is one from Android, while we are here to solve that problem also so without further ado lets get started.


Google Pixel adopted same iPhone’s unibody aluminum design which made the device looks really awesome, touch and feel of the device are really premium. From power on the device looks really a flagship with great built quality and comfortable to hold. Nexus 6P also has a metal design but won’t look this much attractive but this metal design is better as chamfered edges help to hold device very easily. As both sizes are really good form factor as compared to iPhone offering both Pixel device feels smaller.

Google Pixel Color Option
Google Pixel Color Option

On looking you’ll find Fingerprint sensor on the back, Headphone is also here on the top side, on the bottom, you’ll find Type-C port. The volume rocker on the side just below power button as it is very awkward as various other Android device have power button below to volume rocker. On the back side, you’ll find Google logo with some certification same as iPhone. The camera of Pixel is on the back on right side. Sim tray is on the other side of volume keys. On the back, you’ll see Glass which is said to be Antenna Band for Pixel while it also contributes aesthetic to design. Back side on the bottom you’ll also find Antenna strips which made a design cleaner and good.

Talking about dimension of the device Google Pixel measure about 143.8 x 69.5 x 8.5 mm (5.66 x 2.74 x 0.33 in) and weigh around 143 g (5.04 oz) while bigger model has 154.7 x 75.7 x 8.5 mm (6.09 x 2.98 x 0.33 in) and weigh around 168 g (5.93 oz). Pixel come is three color option which includes Quite Black, Very Silver, and Really Blue. While device which we are reviewing is Quite Black XL model as this color have a really strong power to attract to you.

So design element of Pixel made it a perfect Android flagships as other competitors like Galaxy which uses Glass and uses pretty old design and iPhone which is also Old design Pixel give you refreshing Android experience from Outside.


Talking about Display Pixel uses AMOLED panel on both devices which made display good for this device. An AMOLED display provides cleaner color while black appear really good as it doesn’t include any backlit. Color look really good, saturation is also excellent while capturing an image you’ll surely love with perfection and details. The display is often good at night with OnePlus Night mode and sunlight readability is nice. While using the device doesn’t create eye strain even for longer usage.

Pixel include 5-inch HD Display while XL model has 5.5-inch Q-HD Display. As Picture looks good on both but bit sharper in XL. As it, Q-HD displays help it made image looks more detail. Display of both Pixel is protected with Cornering Gorilla Glass 4 which is really tough to scratch on while the display is really tough and minor drop won’t cause much to screen.


While Hardware of this device is well known as Flagship device always need flagship attention and this device too. Pixel has Snapdragon 821 Quad Core CPU with 4GB of RAM as optimization of Android is good as Android is Google. Each and every Apps and Game run pretty good as this device is really beast as what you put on it, it runs those program pretty. RAM management of the device is pretty well which made switching between apps and games really fast and fluid, you can open about 10-15 apps in the background without any issue.

Pixel Snapdragon 821 clocked at Dual Core 2.15 GHz Kryo and Dual Core 1.6 GHz Kryo as this same processing power you’ll found in Snapdragon 820 which there is very little difference between both this processor. For Gaming it uses Adreno 530 which is really beast in gaming as heavy games run really it also support Vulkan API so new gen mobile games also run on this machine. But all these power and graphics is meant for VR and it does it’s job pretty well. Playing High-End Games like Assassins Creed, NFS, Asphalt 8 and more doesn’t get any hiccups to a device while app also runs nice and fast.

For Connectivity device Support LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth V4.2 and NFC. As NFC now become more demanding by an arrival of Android Pay and NFC so is a pretty important element for Smartphones. Apart from their, device has Type-C connector for Syncing, Charging, and Audio Output while Audio Output is new for OnePlus. The device also has 3.5mm jack for headphones.


The camera on Pixel is really not worth a word it just phenomenal as it highest DxO Mark for Smartphone which really means better Camera Performance in a real world but you may think it just a hype but Google Pixel really has better camera performance.

Google Pixel Camara
Google Pixel Camara

While comparing between Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL both device give tough to each other as some effect and night imagine give iPhone lead while detailing and HDR gives Pixel lead. It is very tough to compare between two devices but we full surely let you know in our upcoming post which includes camera comparison between both these devices.

Image focusing is really fast on Pixel as it uses PDAF and laser AutoFocus which help to capture really fine and perfect images. While on the video side Pixel keeps little bit upset with not including OIS as Pixel EIS is good but won’t work for OIS as sometimes you’ll see the hazel image while recording. OIS may also help Pixel to improve its quality in night imagine but not this time. Overall Camera of Pixel is really good and you’ll have to check its quality because without seeing its performance you won’t judge it.

Google Pixel Google Photo
Google Pixel Google Photo

Talking about Spec sheet Pixel has 12.3 MP, f/2.0 aperture camera which helps device to capture all these amazing shots while Auto HDR+ mode helps you capture image really good. For Video device is capable of taking 4K video at 30FPS while other video options are also available. For Video stability it uses EIS which help this device to maintain a level in the video if your hand is making. For no light shot, it includes DualTone LED so your picture never loses detail. One the front device has an 8MP sensor with f/2.4 aperture while selfies and moment capture on a device is nice.

Pixel Camera App also gets some improvements as compared to Nexus Camera Apps as now you can control the exposure of photos while this update also comes in Nexus but Pixel performs really better.


The battery of Pixel is really better as it includes Non-removable Li-Ion 2770 mAh battery while XL model has 3450 mAh battery as this much of battery help device to perform whole day or even more than one. While if you are power user this device won’t let you down and perform while day. While full on screen time is about 5 hr 30 min with normal gaming and app.

Google Pixel Port Type C
Google Pixel Port Type C

While the main attraction of this device is QuickCharge 3.0 which give around 7 hours of battery life in just 15 min of charge while device charge itself in just 1hr 20 min. Google provide 3Amp Charger which helps this device to charge quickly.


As Google won’t include Dual Speaker Setup but sounds really amazing, while hearing a sound you’ll experience that device never shatter sound as sound feel simple and nice. While the bass output of a device is really good and other sound experience is also nice. While hearing from expensive headphone you’ll feel sound experience really nice.


Google Pixel has Pixel Interface as this interface has is pretty different while compared with Nexus of various other Android launcher as it includes various improvement in an interface. As some major are Round Apps logo, Force Touch Option and various other. Pixel Launcher also includes one of the major improvement which is Google Assistant as this is part of interface and work as according. Google Assistant perform the various action in the interface like making a calendar appointment, calling someone, requesting UBER and various other.

Google Pixel Google Assistant
Google Pixel Google Assistant

Google Assistant is compared with various other Assistant like Siri and Cortana in various reviews but Google Assistant is 1gen AI is required some time to match their capabilities but it will surely take over them soon. Android new Night Mode aisle also good and works really nice. Android Nougat 7.1.1 which version Pixel is shipped work really fast and fluid while various other things may soon implement an interface as time passes.


Google Pixel is really the worthy successor of Nexus lineup as this Flagship is here to stay, as in it first battle Pixel is somehow to capture iPhone fans attention which really good for Google. While some other factors like VR, Google Assistant and Google Photos Library are big things which user really need this time and all these things present on Pixel.

Google Pixel Fingerprint Sensor
Google Pixel Fingerprint Sensor

Major exclude from Pixel is Waterproofing as all smartphones come in 2016 has waterproofing even iPhone also include this time but Pixel only has IP 53 which means it only splashes resistance so keep the device safe from open water.

While taking about the price of Pixel it starts same as iPhone with $649 for 32GB model of Pixel while higher model Pixel XL with 128GB cost about $869.


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