Apple iPhone 8 Case Leaks Showing Size Comparison With Other Lineup

Apple iPhone 8 Case Comparison With other iPhones
Apple iPhone 8 Case Comparison With other iPhones

Apple iPhone 8 Case Leaks Showing Size Comparison With Other Lineup: Apple leaks for iPhone 8 are getting bigger day by day as we approach to launch date, we have seen so many leaks this month. But today new leaks showing case of the upcoming iPhone 8, the design of the case matches with all the previous design leaks we have seen so far including the vertical camera and no Touch ID on the back side, showing Apple is really trying to evolve the next flagship.

This leak has appeared earlier this week on Alibaba, and the leaks go viral on the Japanese blog, Macotokara who shows the comparison between the cases and iPhone 7 showing a little bit of difference in the device they uploaded a video on the Youtube which you can see below.

Leaks Showing iPhone 8 Size Comparison

This case leaks confirmed all the previous leaks with new design and feature in iPhone 8, While in the video we can see the clear difference between iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models by side by side comparison. The photos, assuming their legitimacy, also give us a clearer look at where the iPhone 8 will fit in Apple’s iPhone lineup.

Apple iPhone 8 will be in the middle position of both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which made this perfectly sized for holding the device for one-handed usage. iPhone 8 is expected to have edge-to-edge OLED display, which going to make the display at around 5.8-inch, while the Touch-ID sensor will be underneath the front glass as suggested by the earlier report. Apart from these, Apple is expecting to add the more biometric feature as from the leaks like Retinal Scanner, Face Scanner which also add more ways to unlock the iPhone.

iPhone 8 will not be much wider than 4.7-inch iPhone 7 same like today’s flagship are doing these days and Apple will make Display slightly taller to add the more screen space so this means that Apple will also make the display at around 18:9 aspect ratio like other smartphones. Apple also made iPhone 8 little bit thicker according to Macotokara which means that Apple will add more battery as compared to the current lineup. Recently leaked schematics suggest that the iPhone 8 could measure in at 144 mm tall x 71 mm wide x 7.7 mm thick — in comparison to the iPhone 7’s footprint of 138.3 mm tall x 67.1 mm wide x 7.1 mm thick.

While talking about aesthetic of the case looks really good and something new which users are requesting from years. Apple is already pushing iPhone 8 production really fast and it is expected that Apple made around 100 million iPhone until the end of this year which shows the expected high demand for the iPhone 8 device. We have seen many prototypes around the web showing design and model of the device but we still not get any proof of the running device hope we could see running model until next month.


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