Production Of iPhone X Increases Due To Strong Demand: KGI: Ming-Chi Kuo, the KGI Securities analyst has come with a new note on the supply and demand of iPhone X. Kuo has said that the improvement in production with strong demand leads to the improvement in the supply of iPhone X, not due to low demand of iPhone X which is believed by some reports.

iPhone X,iPhone 10
iPhone X

According to Kuo who is known as a most reliable source to share Apple’s information, about 1-2 month ago, shipment of iPhone X per day was 50,000 to 100,000 which is now increased to 440,000 to 550,000 units per day. This figure shows a great difference in the number of shipment per day directly indicating the rise in demand of iPhone X over the months since the time of launch of the device.

Due to this, the increase in production of different components by suppliers also raised in order to make sure enough availability of the smartphone to be shipped.100 percent growth in the production of Career’s LTE antenna is seen while the Dot projection module from Sharp and LG went on 80-90 percent increased production.

On the basis of the production of the iPhone X, Kuo expecting that the iPhone X will see at least 10-20 percent increase in shipment in coming months and Kuo also expecting that the shipment of iPhone X in Q1 2018 will be slightly lower than the shipment in the Q4 2017 as in this biggest holiday season shopping of customers increases.

Apple’s iPhone X which is the latest smartphone by the company was unveiled in September this year and first released in November 3rd featured with almost bezel-less display and having latest A11 Bionic Chip. Wireless charging, OLED display, dual lens camera with depth sensing and facial recognition feature are some of the features that Apple introduced in its flagship device.



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