Apple’s iPad is now finally getting more competitors as yesterday Google announced their Pixel Slate which includes pretty Google hardware as well as Desktop class OS which made Apple rethink on their iPad to increase its productivity more. As it is expected to hold an iPad event this month in which Apple will introduce 2018 iPad Pro models, new Macs and much more.

In recent iOS 12.1 Beta version Apple mentioned about fall iPad since then we get much more information about the device as time passes. As today we get to know much more about iPad Pro to offer so let see them,

The model’s codes for the Wi-Fi models of the 2018 iPad Pro will be iPad 8,1, iPad 8,2, iPad 8,5 and iPad 8,6. Meanwhile, the cellular models will be will be iPad8,3, iPad8,4 and iPad8,7 and iPad8,8 as it looks Apple includes two version of iPad Pro’s as 11” and 13” as expected but they may also introduce two storage option which may be 128GB and 512GB options.

Talking about other major things which were mentioned in today’s leaks,

iPad Pro Displays

iPad Pro Without Home Button And Bezel-less Display
iPad Pro Without Home Button And Bezel-less Display

New iPad Pro’s will be expecting to get 2018 makeover as this device will get Edge to Edge display as Apple iPhone X, as there will be no notch on the device which is a really good thing. Apple also adds True-Depth camera system to enable FaceID and other awesome feature.

FaceID Works In Landscape

What Feature Will Come With FaceID
What Feature Will Come With FaceID

The most frustrating things with iPhone X FaceID is that it won’t able to unlock the device when in a landscape as this thing look very small but this feature really adds true utility while you’re lying on the bed.   

iPad Pro leaks confirm it will support Landscape orientations and also on Portrait orientations.

Externals Display Support

iPad Pro 2018 4K HDR Display Connector
iPad Pro 2018 4K HDR Display Connector

As iPad Pro is powerful device yet created by Apple, 2018 iPad Pro will be able to provide more power than ever as a most compelling example of iPad Pro power will display a 4K HDR Video when connected to an external display. As this feature help user to get full PC like experience on iPad as they can connect wireless Mouse and Keyboard to get full PC experience.

Newer Apple Pencil

iPad Pro 2018 Apple Pencil 2
iPad Pro 2018 Apple Pencil 2

Apple Pencil was release way back in 2016 with iPad Pro 9.7” as then it now becomes most recommended accessories of iPad Pro as it helps a user quickly write a note, draw, maintain their idea and creativity with their hand. But their are some feature it is lacking behind so Apple might update Apple Pencil this time by adding more pressure sensitive level and also add proximity much like AirPods or HomePod so you don’t need much attention of repairing or paring the device again and again it is also good for using an iPhone if Apple allow doing so.

Magnetic Connector

iPad Pro 2018 Smartconnector
iPad Pro 2018 Smart connector

Apple magnetic connector concept really adds iPad accessories more power than ever as you connect Keyboard with backlit and it works really fine as compared with their Bluetooth counterpart smart connector add more reliability. A new version of iPad Pro will also get the better version of smart connector this time Apple may introduce more powerful accessories like a Dock Display connector, Fast Charging Stand and much more we can imagine.

So these are some of the speculations we are expecting from 2018 iPad Pro model. We are excited when Apple will show their move to announce the event date.

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