Apple’s iPhones event is over and newest iPhones are on the rack of Apple store while some people are already purchasing the device or wanted to purchase. But what about Apple other flagships products apart from iPhones like iPad, MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini and more. 

As October is here which probably means we’ll get some new stuff this month which include iPhone XR which will hit the market, iOS 12.1 Update and other software update and may Apple held hardware event which includes some refresh device include iPad Pro, MacBook, iMac and more. So let see what we’ll expect from Apple this month.

Apple Special Event?

Apple held 3 events each year but this year Apple only held 2 event one is WWDC and other is iPhone event so the third event is necessary for Apple to show some effort on other devices apart from iPhone. Apple could release new 3rd Gen. iPad Pro devices, MacBook or may include some other refreshed hardware. So what will these device sports let expect

iPad Pro 3rd Gen.

iPad Pro 2018 Concept
iPad Pro 2018 Concept

Apple release iPad Pro 2nd Gen. in WWDC 2017 event which includes new iPad Pro dimension 10.5” iPad Pro, but since then Apple has made lot changes in their iOS device which include the introduction of FaceID, Animoji, Depth Effect in Single Camera, OLED display, HDR Displays and much more. But it is expected that Apple will eliminate these things in 3rd Gen. iPad Pro which will include FaceID without any Notch which really looks amazing, iPad Pro screen size will also increase as the elimination of home button made screen edge to edge. As edge to edge screen is tipped in iPad from iOS 12 update as Apple adds new swipe gesture in iPad same as iPhone X. Screen size also increase of iPad Pro from 10.5” to 11” or more while 12.9” will receive 13.3” or 14” size increase. 

Apple also adds new A11X or A12X Bionic Processor in newest iPad which is phenomenal chipset and really contain much power. It is also expected that iPad Pro also first device to have USB-C rather than Lightening connector. 

Mac Update

Apple added a new feature to MacBook Pro Early this year which include new True Tone Display, Hey Siri Feature, and higher cores. But an update for MacBook 12”, iMac and Mac Mini hasn’t arrived which means these devices also need to be updated. So let see these devices one by one. 


Group FaceTime iOS 12.1
Group FaceTime iOS 12.1

Apple MacBook 12” hasn’t received much attention because of its cost and its feature which made this device literally useless. So this time Apple made give MacBook 12” some new power and makeover and made more affordable. As Apple is like to discontinuing MacBook Air which is really the best MacBook made so far in terms of each and every aspect of it, Apple may fuse MacBook 12” and MacBook Air features together to make a new device which costs less and performs better. 

Apple may include Intel’s latest Coffee Lake CPU, Intel Iris Graphics, DDR3 or DDR4 RAM up-to 16GB, faster SSD’s, a new port connection may include Thunderbolt 3 and Type-C and better battery life around 16-20 hours.


iMac 2018 Update
iMac 2018 Update

Apple updated iMac last year in June since then iMac hasn’t received any update so this time iMac may get Intel’s latest Coffee Lake CPU, faster RAM, and new GPU options. Apple may also add True Tone Display and Hey Siri feature to this device.

Mac Mini

Mac Mini 2018 Concept
Mac Mini 2018 Concept

Mac Mini is the entry-level Mac device from Apple, it is cheaper, faster, portable and more convenient to use. But hasn’t given their attention to this device since 4-5 years it still holds 4th Gen. Intel CPU. So this time Apple may finally have to give attention to this device and add some power to it. Apple must include Intel’s new Gen. Coffee Lake CPU alongside with Intel Iris GPU. Port of Mac Mini also be updated to Type-C or Thunderbolt option and Storage of device will include SSD’s for faster storage.

iPhone XR Launch

iPhone XR
iPhone XR

Apple also release iPhone XR to market as this device hasn’t passed FCC clearance yet so not able to make with iPhone XS but on 19 Oct you can pre-order this device. iPhone XR has some potential user you can buy premium budget flagship. 

iPhone XR has some identical hardware as compared with $999 iPhone XS which includes A12 Bionic Chip, Dual Sim Feature, Fast Charging, Wireless Charging, Portrait Mode, FaceID and more. While some feature which is missing is OLED display as to make iPhone XR cheaper Apple uses their Liquid Retina Display which basically an LCD display which you can see in iPhone 8 and previous iPhones, it also doesn’t feature faster Wireless Charging as iPhone XS, Dual Camera also missing in this device, No 3D Touch rather Apple uses Haptic Touch same as MacBook Trackpad.

So these are some sacrifice made from Apple to make iPhone XR. iPhone XR is priced at $749 for 64GB and costs more for other storage option device will be at consumers hand on 26th Oct.

Software Updates

Apple will also release their iOS 12.1 which include Group FaceTime as Apple tries to give Group FaceTime feature in iOS 12 Beta version but won’t able to make it on a final update. This time Apple will include Group FaceTime. 

Group FaceTime iOS 12.1
Group FaceTime iOS 12.1

Apple also releases watchOS 5.1 update which will feature ECG feature for Apple Watch Series 4 and alongside this feature Apple also include new ECG app. But ECG features only available only in the US because it only approved FDA it ECG to made available in other countries Apple has to take permission from their health department. 


Apple AirPower has removed from Apple website like a sand as Apple hasn’t said much about the release of AirPower or haven’t told us technical difficulty Apple faces during the production of this device. So we hope Apple may bring this device in Oct. Event.

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