Google’s event is near and we know much about their latest hardware while we also see device live performance a week earlier, as we know people at Google are not best for keeping secret but there are some tricks under sleeves of Google which they gonna announce in their event.

Google Pixel 2 so far the best Android devices for 2017 and 2018 and really gives tough competition to Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 last year while it also comes first in some part like Photography. Photos from Pixel 2 are still best photos come from a smartphone as according to DxO Marks Pixel 2 gains 98 points but the enhancement through AI really plays it games. So it hopes that Pixel 3 will amaze us again with its Computational Photography tricks which makes one Camera for all-purpose photography so without further ado lets see what we are expecting to new Pixel devices.

Pixel 3 and 3XL

Google Pixel 3 XL Leaks Images
Google Pixel 3 XL Leaks Images

Google is trying Apple’s leak tricks as how Apple leak their product before release which creates hype among the user, but Google goes a little bit longer as they leaked live handset in a video which gives us a pretty good idea of the device as how it’s gonna looks and what new things will it features.

According to leaks Pixel 3 will get little bit design tweaks and include Glass back panel which allows Wireless Charging possible as it expected Google will allow fast charging out of box, Device will feature Snapdragon’s flagship processor Snapdragon 845 so power will not be issue for Pixel 3 but Google may include little bit tweaks or add new chipset for Camera and AI stuff to power their device which made Google Pixel 3 stand apart from other Android manufacturers who are giving the same chipset.

Google Pixel 3 Leak Images
Google Pixel 3 Leak Images

Pixel 3 comes in two models Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL as Pixel 3 is being the shrunken version of Pixel 2 XL with the 5.5-inch notch free display while Pixel 3 XL will have a notch and sports display of about 6.1-inch to 6.4-inch max. Both these phones have a dual front camera as we don’t know much about what do these two cameras do but hope that Google will include a Face scanning feature in Pixel. While on the back side Google will stay focused for one camera system and will include some extra AI feature to a camera to snap some best shots as Pixel 2 does. Both these devices will be shipped with the Pixel version of Android 9 Pie. Pixel 3 also includes some new color and style as last year Panda black version is really stunning.

Pixel Slate Chrome OS Detachable

Pixel Slate Concept Leaks Images
Pixel Slate Concept Leaks Images

Chrome OS is PC experience OS provided by Google, as Google somehow manages to converge Chrome OS and Android together as both Chrome OS now supports Android apps but those apps aren’t much effective in terms of PC as they effective in Android devices.

Latest leaks come across the internet but not from the creditable leaker, according to leaks it appears that Chrome OS tablet code-named Nocturne, which we’ve seen references to in Chromium code for months. Google may call it as Pixel Slate as this first 2-in-1 detachable Chrome OS device from. The device will sport fingerprint reader embedded in the power button and pogo pin support while Chrome OS code indicates a display resolution of 3,000×2,000.

There is some Chrome OS table and detachable in the market’s already but the main factor for selling this device is its price as Google earlier approach to Chrome OS hasn’t fruit much talking about Pixelbook which is a really expensive device in terms specification. Google is trying to fuse Pixelbook and Pixel C experience into one device so it interesting how Google will make this approach successful.

Home Hub

Google Hub Leak Images
Google Hub Leak Images

Smart devices are really becoming a mass attraction as Smart speaker, smart display and further device really gain more user interaction.

Google Assistant Smart display already in a market from Lenovo and JBL were worthy rivals to Amazon’s Echo Show, so who gonna best contender to these devices other than Google’s own device. The Home Hub having 7” screen attached docked speaker, Home Hub will have the same aesthetic as other company’s smart home lineup. The device looks like the screen version of Google Home Max.

The smart display really helps the user to provide better assistant user experience as when you asked assistant some information like Recipe, Weather or YouTube Video demonstration listing from Home speakers aren’t much effect but Home Hub will really make this experience amazing.

New Chromecast

Chromecast 3 Leak images
Chromecast 3 Leak images

Google Chromecast is also likely to make its appearance in this event, as it expected to have the same design as its predecessor but Google may increase its potential from inside device will feature Bluetooth connectivity and faster WiFi. As it may happen because Google recently announces Project Stream which is streaming service from Google so you can stream your gaming and show world. Bluetooth capability adds a feature to adding controllers to a device which make the experience on Chromecast more enriching.

More things

Google last year special products like Pixel Buds hasn’t received much attention from a user as its production issue and don’t have a much convincing feature as compared to a competitor may lead to failure, so 2nd Gen. Pixel Bud won’t able to make its existence.

Google show their interest in watch industry as recent Google Wear OS really improves Android watch experience. But hardware on the recent Android device hasn’t much better as compared to Apple Watch but newest Smart Watch chip release from Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 really show much potential. It hope that Google will release its Watch product with Wear 3100 Chipset but we haven’t seen release date for this chipset so Google may step down this time for Pixel Watch, but it is expected that Google is working on Pixel Watch.

So these are the expectation which we are expecting from Google Event which is going to be held on 9th October in New York At 11 AM ET. So let see what new things we see from Google.

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