Apple FaceID technology is the revolutionary step toward biometric unlocking but it still faces issue with recognizing sibling or identical twins or some twin even mom and son. But fingerprint sensor still has the best response among people so someone has to rethink about fingerprint sensor again as no other than Synaptic Inc., a company that creates touchpads and fingerprint sensors, has unveiled the next-generation Synaptics Clear ID, a fingerprint sensor that sits just under the glass of a smartphone.

Under Display Fingerprint Sensors From Synaptics
Under Display Fingerprint Sensors From Synaptics

Under glass fingerprint sensor has many benefits in terms of design aspects as it made the smartphone thinner than ever and it will also make home button more revolutionary again. Fingerprint has many adoptions as we compared with other biometric systems as it cost pretty low and more secure as a result, banking sectors are now using Fingerprint sensor in their devices to make security even more secure, fingerprint sensors are also installed in locker and door lock. There is the huge adoption of fingerprint sensor as we have seen so under the seen sensor may give this technology more boost.
The sensor is two times faster than 3D facial recognition.

With iPhone X, the demand for 3D Camera sensor also increases as many part providers are working to provide this technology to common masses. Android manufacturers also show their interest in this 3D facial technology as it helps to capture the 3D depth image of you and your selfie become better than ever. FaceID does not work if you don’t want to show your face or wanted to use the device under level in which camera does not see your face but fingerprint sensor will help in those situations.

Synaptics’ Clear ID FS9500 is a mass-production-ready sensor the company will sell to smartphone manufacturers. This technology works under OLED display so it will really suit for modern adoption for new devices using OLED. The fingerprint sensor on your phone now is capacitive, using electric current to capture your imprint. Clear ID is an ultra-thin optical sensor that captures your print with light emitting from the OLED panel on the smartphone.

Working of the sensor detects the finger, the OLED display lights up the finger, the sensor scans the fingerprint, and the “matcher” verifies the image and confirms the imprint is yours, granting you access. The sensor can be placed anywhere on the screen the manufacturer wants, though Synaptics offers some general guidelines.

The Clear ID sensor can fit in any type of display either flexible or rigid and the company told Digital Trends it should work even if the phone has the screen protector which is really nice thinking. unlocking time of the sensor is about 7 milliseconds as this means it is twice faster than 3D facial recognition.

Synaptics claims that device success rate it up to 99 percent so hope this technology soon come in near future. The device will display in CES 2018 which is held in Las Vegas from 9 – 12 Jan hope you don’t miss this show. Many smartphones manufacturers will be there in the show to roam around the booth to search this type of concept Apple, Google and Samsung executive will also be there so hope my next smartphone soon adopts this technology.

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