Samsung is going to reveal its three new projects at CES this year, these new projects are made under C-Lab (Creative Lab ) program that was initiated by Samsung, five years ago in order to make innovative tech products for the consumers.

Starting with the first product that is a result of C-Lab program is the S-Ray (Sound Ray) after it the second is GoBreath and the last third product is based on Smart glasses-Relumino. Samsung has already made it clear that it will introduce all these three new tech products at CES 2018. Details about these products are as described below:

3 New Samsung Project: S-Ray Project, GoBreath & Relumino Smart Glasses

1. The S-Ray Project

It consists of three directional speakers. These include – a Mini speaker, a handy speaker, and the neck Bend speaker. These three speakers are portable as well so that the users will be able to carry it along themselves where they go without any hassle of using earphones. Among the three portable speakers, the Neck Bend speaker is coming with the unusual body design which is giving it seemingly great look.

2. GoBreath

It is a healthcare product meant for breathing exercise made under Samsung’s C-Lab project. This project has a handheld device and a mobile app by using that lung damage patients can learn deep breathing and can also track their progress as well.

3. Relumino Smart Glasses

The last one is the Relumino Smart Glasses that have designed by Samsung’s C-Lab for the visually challenged so that they can see images very clearly while reading or viewing an object. These smart glasses are designed to provide better visual experience. It is based on technology which works by capturing images from these glasses and then passed by the smartphones that give a better view to the users.

So these are all about the smart tech products that will be introduced by Samsung at coming CES 2018, and it will be good to see these products in the market so that life of people will become more close to the technologies.

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