Amazon’s Alexa Digital Assistant wanted to expand each and every device you own at CES Amazon Digital Assistant show mass expansion to many companies adopting Amazon Alexa as their major AI system. Cars like Byton, Smart Fridges, Smart Speakers, Smart Mirror and much more now support Alexa so what’s next. Of course, Alexa will make its way for biggest consumer point which of course Windows platform as announced Alexa is arriving in Windows 10 PCs which really means around more than 500 million users so Alexa has got the whole lot of attention.

As Microsoft’s Cortana may get some fight with Alexa but is mostly user choose what they want. The device from HP, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer all plan to integrate Alexa into the range of Windows 10 laptops and desktops being released this year.

This integration requires a special Alexa App for Windows which will be available in the spring, and the most PC makers appear to be integrating Alexa on devices that are capable of far-field voice recognition to ensure there’s a good experience for the assistant and it will run seamlessly. Companies like HP is bringing Alexa to its Pavillion Wave PC, a sleek desktop PC. Lenovo is also bringing Alexa to laptops, and we’ll have more details to share on those soon.

This step is done because last year Amazon and Microsoft joined their hands to integrate both their assistant but they, unfortunately, missed the target date. Due to this Amazon is firing their separate app for Windows device. The interface of the Alexa is mostly same as Cortana same Type and Speak button so the user can do both things as you can access your important information from the device without any issue. You can also use the wake word “Alexa” and it starts working.

AI war is now becoming cross-platform and hopes that Alexa may step their way for Mac device which makes Alexa more global than ever as the specification for Alexa may fulfill by all the macs running out there. This step shows how curious Amazon is to make their product more global than ever. Hope you may like our article. Do let us know what you think about this merger.

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