Unfortunately, we aren’t able to see Microsoft’s Project Andromeda’s glimpse as Microsoft is perfecting their device anyhow possible so they don’t want to create many people attention toward this device. As from the reports we know that Project Andromeda really exists as Microsoft owning many patents regarding this device from over years.

Project Andromeda has been already delayed because of some issue which pushed device release date to late 2019. But Microsoft is trying to improve this product as best as possible, as talking about latest patent seems to point to the idea of inking on the external shell of Andromeda, in order to send notes or sketches digitally to your device.

Microsoft Andromeda New Inking Feature Patent
Microsoft Andromeda New Inking Feature Patent

We know that Andromeda will include a foldable display which still not possible in an industry as Lenovo show first foldable prototype in the event but won’t able to bring for a consumer, it is also expected that Samsung is really close toward the foldable phone and they will introduce phone featuring foldable display in early 2019. Talking about Andromeda, from previous rumors we know that it has some form of external sensitivity for things like button presses, but this is the first time we’ve been given the idea that it could be sensitive enough to transcribe notes and doodles.

The patent shows a “cover” that has some form of a user interface designed to receive inputs from a stylus, in order to translate them digitally to the device’s main displays.

So this is a purpose of a new patent for Andromeda, Microsoft is seriously focused on this device as this device may become a chance for Windows Phone to relive once again with a power of Pocket PC. This is very interesting to look at how this device comes out from Microsoft lab and how people react to this device as we haven’t imagined this device much except leaks and patent images.

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